Pay As You Go
IT Support

Are you keen to get outside support for your IT needs but don’t want to retain a managed IT support service full time?

Why not consider a Pay As You Go service instead? At IT Code, we take pride in offering a wide range of IT services so that your business can thrive.

How Do Pay As You Go IT Services Work?

A Pay As You Go IT support service is designed to provide bespoke support that addresses specific IT needs as they arise. This support can be offered remotely and via the telephone or in-person if you need a site visit to diagnose a complex issue. Whenever you contact us to arrange some Pay As You Go support, we will work quickly to diagnose the problem and provide you with all your options so that you can choose the best fix for your needs.

The great thing about our Pay As You Go service is that we can cover any IT issue that you can imagine, helping you to keep your business up and running without having to pay extortionate amounts of money. Our team is made up of a number of IT experts who have decades of combined experience and will work hard to give you the very best value for money. Stop trying to deal with frustrating IT issues on your own and let the IT Code team help you instead.

Pay As You Go IT Support IT Code Support London
Pay As You Go IT Support IT Code Support London

Knowing When Pay As You Go IT Support is Right for Your Business

Deciding which IT service is right for you can feel like a conundrum, especially when you rely on your IT equipment to keep your business running smoothly. At IT Code, we find that the main characteristics of businesses that need Pay As You Go IT support include:

Those with lower levels of IT in the workplace
Smaller businesses who prefer ad hoc support
Larger business with an in-house IT team that need occasional help during peak times
Businesses who want to pay per hour to keep on top of their expenditure

No matter what your needs are, if you would prefer a Pay As You Go service, then IT Code have the solution for you! Just reach out to start a discussion about how we can best support you.

What We Offer Our Pay As You Go Clients

Many Pay As You Go clients tell us that they have had poor service from other firms who charge by the hour, however we believe that every one of our valued clients deserves the highest levels of service from us. Whether you have a monthly SLA contract in place as a contractual client with guaranteed response times or whether you use our services on a Pay As You Go basis, we always aim to offer the best support when an IT-related problem in your business arises.

We are proud of our high levels of customer satisfaction and would love to support you to achieve the best IT outcomes for your needs. Connect with us today to register!

Pay As You Go IT Support IT Code Support London