About Us

Providing IT support and services for businesses to reach their full potential

IT Code is a London based IT service provider that has been supporting businesses with their IT systems for over a decade. As a team we combine our passion for IT with a desire to deliver excellent customer service, making us the perfect company to provide IT support to your business.

From simple beginnings in 2011, IT Code has grown in strength and reputation, developing long lasting relationships with clients based across London and United Kingdom.

By having a flexible approach to support we can provide services in person or remotely, meaning that you don’t need to be in London to have access to our expertise.

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Working to Our Values

At the heart of our company is the desire to support businesses and to provide IT support solutions that are based on your needs. We won’t tell you what to do but will work with you to understand your requirements, provide you of the options and make recommendations if appropriate.

By choosing to work with our team of experts you are guaranteed to have access to a reliable and hardworking group of people who will deliver the outcomes you want.

About Us IT Code Support London

Jargon Free Support

Although we love all things IT related, we understand that not everyone does. That’s why we make sure we never use technical jargon, and we translate geek to English to ensure our clients understand what we offer, the purpose of the support, and the outcomes that can be expected.

We interpret ‘geek speak’, so if there’s anything you don’t understand, just tell us! Every member of our team is happy to spend time making sure you understand as much as you want to.


Dedicated and Professional IT Support

Our team of expert IT support engineers are all Microsoft Certified Professionals, allowing us to provide support to businesses that use Microsoft operating systems and software.

We are also trained in solving problems with Mac operating systems and corresponding programs as well as wide range of other software. If we haven’t used a software before, we will be very excited to learn more and support you in problem solving.

About Us IT Code Support London

Inclusive Ethos

At IT Code we don’t mind how big your business is, what IT systems you use, or whether you need one-off or ongoing support. Our experts are dedicated to providing effective solutions and excellent customer service to every business we support.

This focus on customer satisfaction is applied from the very first contact you make with us, until you let us know that you are happy with what we have provided, and often beyond that!

What You See is What You Get

We believe in being open and honest and that’s why we are transparent in our pricing. Whether you need a one-off solution or ongoing support, you will know exactly what it will cost before making any agreement.

We don’t believe in hidden costs and are proud to be a trustworthy company that you can rely on. Even if you need a bespoke support package, we will give you a price before starting so you can be satisfied that the price you see if the price we collect.

If you want high-quality IT support from a company that cares