IT Support

We specialise in providing top quality IT support to small businesses. It’s up to you whether you pay-as-you-go for IT support on a one-off problem, or sign up to IT Code for Business monthly contract for permanent support. We offer support services for companies who don’t want or need dedicated IT staff but would like the comfort of support when needed.

Microsoft Certified
Most small businesses use Microsoft Operating Systems and Microsoft Office applications that’s why all our engineers are Microsoft Certified Professionals.

IT Support Farnborough
IT Support Farnborough

Server Deployment and Maintenance
Whether you are planning on setting up a new server or have an existing one that needs to be managed we can help. We can proactively monitor your server, manage backups and antivirus software and take care of patching. All our engineers are Microsoft Certified for your peace of mind. We take charge of the day-to-day administration of your server so you can concentrate on what you do best.

Wi-Fi Solutions
We offer cost effective solutions to spread the Wi-Fi signal throughout the entire property. Whether you have an office, house or hotel we can make sure you’re getting the most of your Internet connection. We can deliver reliable Wi-Fi with high signal strength and have the expertise to address Wi-Fi black-spots. With our cloud-based network management software, keeping your network running smoothly is simple. We proactively monitor your Wi-Fi network and devices and provide solutions when needed.

Computer repair
computer sales

Desktop Support
We have trained engineers happy to support you via remote desktop tools or on site if required. All our engineers are Microsoft certified with in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Office products, Windows operating systems, Symantec backup and antivirus solutions for your peace of mind.

Network Infrastructure Support
We offer Cisco, Juniper, Netgear and Ubiquiti hardware support for your existing firewalls, switches and Wireless Access Points. Regular, professional IT infrastructure support and maintenance will ensure business continuity and improved efficiency through the smooth operation of your systems.

IT Support Farnborough
IT Support Farnborough

Email Continuity
Protect your organisation against email loss. In the event of server failure or a power outage, you can restore up to 90 days of historical email to the powerful web mail interface or to your emergency mail boxes. Your staff can continue to work with both new emails sent during the outage and the previous three months of historic email.

Email Protection
We are partnered with Anti-spam Cloud solutions provider. Using a powerful cloud-based spam filtering service you can block 99.99% of spam, viruses and even newsletters (optional) in the cloud before they reach your network. With our email filtering service you get complete protection against spam, viruses, malware, phishing, denial of service attacks and data loss for your organisation, without the time or expense of managing hardware and software systems. Working with all mail servers (including spam filtering for Exchange 2010) and email clients (including Outlook).

Email Archiving
Automatic cloud archiving, affordable prices, legal and regulatory compliance, and protection ensure security and peace of mind for you and your business. Email archiving captures and stores 100% of incoming and outgoing emails within your business for up to 30 years. We can even archive internal emails.

Third Party Application Support
Our engineers can also provide support for AutoCAD, Sage, Iris, Access Dimensions and many more third party applications. You can be sure they won’t let you down.

IT Support Farnborough
IT Support Farnborough

Offsite Data Backup
In the event of a fire, flood or theft onsite data storage can be lost or destroyed resulting in a loss of time, money, and information. Think of downtime costs!
We can encrypt and back up your data to convenient storage formats, transfer the data offsite and make sure it is quickly restored after an incident.
We take data security and privacy very seriously. All data is encrypted using the latest methods and a unique encryption key.